• Nancy

Solutions for drippy, wet snowsuits, mittens and hats!

It's that time of year again, when the front entrances of homes everywhere are piled high with wet, drippy snowsuits, mittens and hats. I've tried a couple of systems for taming the drippy mess, besides running the dryer three times a day, and I've finally found a couple of inexpensive solutions that have made our lives a lot easier and a lot drier, so far this winter.

1. Mitten drying rack.

I got this gem for under $20 from Amazon. Put the wet mittens and hats on the rack and over your heating duct (if you have one) for extra fast drying. I only wish I bought two, as they are great for boot liners too.

2. Drip hanger for the shower stall.

I only wish I had of bought this sooner, when I had infants and the never ending piles of wet facecloths and bibs! Now I use this for wet mittens, snowsuits and of course in the summer time, the bathing suits. I have mine right in my shower stall over the shower head so no water drips over the tub and onto the floor. But either way, it can handle hanging up heavier snowsuits, and it's only about $17!

3. Mitten clips.

Mitten clips are the solution for those of us who don't sew or have children who don't like the feel of a string tying their mittens together inside their coat. Mitten clips most likely pay for themselves, saving lost mittens, and time looking for them, especially at daycare.

I'd love to hear your ideas for taming the wet toddler snow gear! If you try any of these suggestions, let me know how they work for you. Happy sledding!!