• Nancy

Retaliating in Silent, Fluffy Protest

Have you noticed a lot of fluffy readingsocks and super soft throw blankets in the stores this holiday season? According to AP, cozy stuff is a top trend for adult gifts; socks, PJs, weighted blankets - things that promise to make us feel like snuggling up. But do we need more stuff to feel this way? What is it that we are truly trying to achieve?

If you haven't heard about Hygge, maybe you've been a bit too sheltered lately, or living under a rock! Hygge is a Danish concept, a way of living that promotes feeling safe and comfortable, in and out of our homes. As soon as I learned about the concept of Hygge, I felt that I had found a definition for my life goals; I love all things Hygge!  Apparently, I'm not the only one.

Could the rise of coziness be directly related to our fast-paced, online existence? Are we all retaliating in silent, fluffy protest? I bought my first pair of super soft pyjamas when my newborn wasn't sleeping, day or night. Putting on those pink, plaid, flannel pjs felt like someone was giving me a big hug. It was a small luxury, something just for me.

When life was at its most frantic, I realized how much being content at home means to me. I wanted to feel as comfortable as I could, and I wanted my family to feel that way too. I wanted our home to tuck us in and shelter us from all the craziness out there and the business of our own making.

The Danes are often reported to be the happiest people on earth. I'm not convinced that buying more stuff, even soft and fluffy things, will get us closer to Hygge. But I am convinced that for most of us, having our homes in order and taming the clutter, is part of what we need to truly relax, be present and to enjoy our lives. At the end of the day, we should all be happy to come home.

The Little Book of Hyggeby Meik Wiking. The book itself is cozy, just perfect for settling in for a light read.