• Nancy

My Favourite Organizing Tips

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Organizing should save you time to live as you want. Below are my favourite quick and simple organizing tips to save you time and create more space in your life.

Keeping the stuff at bay

“Organizing, cleaning and managing our stuff is just easier with less of it.”
  • Don't keep anything that you don't "Need, Use or Love". Think NUL.

  • Before times of transition, do a room by room scan. Anything in it that you don't NUL (need, use or love) can find a new home. For example, for me, before Christmas (and before winter sets in) feels like a natural time to do a scan for me. Find your own annual rhythm and it will help to keep the clutter down.

  • Live by the "in/out" rule. If a new item comes "in", another one goes "out". For example, shoes- you won't buy as many, if you live by the "in/out" rule - buy a new pair, an old pair has to go.

  • Keep a "give away" box in your closet. Put old clothes or other items that you can donate. When the box is full, donate the items.

  • For your office, only keep a few items on your desk. It's not best for storage, it's best for a workspace. The things you keep on your desktop should be things you use every time you sit at your desk. Things you use on a regular basis can go within reach - the rest can be placed elsewhere.

  • Go and think vertical. You can add a lot of storage space by thinking vertically.

  • Label your clothes closets. Create hanging labels for your clothes categories (shirts, jeans, work pants, work tops, etc). You will be amazed how this will help you see how much clothes you have. This is great for managing kids clothes as well.

Managing memories

  • I like to keep memory boxes. I have one and so do my children. They are special boxes I keep in each of our bedroom closets. I put art work, obituaries of people I know that have passed, memories from trips, etc. all in the boxes. I tend to go through them in the winter, when I have more downtime, like over the holidays. They are a great way to walk down memory lane.

  • One way to manage pictures, is to make an annual hardcover photo book. They make great Christmas gifts too. Collect photos all year long, by creating a photo file on your phone called "photo book". When October or November rolls around, put the photos in an app and you'll have captured memories and made a great gift at the same time.

Managing information

When it comes to information, less is more.
  • Unsubscribe to junk email; it will free your mind.

  • Stop the flow of unnecessary paper into your home. It only takes minutes to phone or email the source of your junk mail, flyers etc. Canada Post has options on their web site to stop unaddressed mail. You will be amazed by the time you will save by not managing junk mail.

  • Create a household information centre. Mine is in my kitchen, which is the hub of the home for most people.

  • Manage paper every single day. Just like you do your dishes, sort through the paper that has come into the house at the end of every day and either action it (which includes recycling), or file it away. If it can't be actioned until later, file in your "action" folder, which you should address weekly.