• Nancy

It's My Spot. Why we all need a special place to just be.

I know so many people right now who are self-isolating for 14 days due to Covid-19. While it's not fun to have to stay home for that reason, I admit I'm a tad jealous of the idea of being home (and healthy) for two whole weeks! Oh the organizing, gardening and reading I could do....sigh.

I love to be home! I consider myself lucky that I look forward coming through my front door every single day. Even more than being home, I like to be in "my spot". Every place that I've lived, I've carved out a small place to sit and just be, and it's always near a small garden. Oddly enough, my sister always carves out a "spot" too. Her's is always outdoors too, though near water.

Now that its March and spring is almost here in our part of the world, I can feel my spot calling to me. Just a couple of more weeks, and I'll be there, watching as the small patch of land changes every day. Now that I have two small children and a dog, my spot is even more important to me. I need that time out, that's easily accessible, to just rest my brain, even if only for a few minutes.

For some reason, I've never felt the same affection for a spot inside. Maybe I need to create a small oasis with house plants that would give me that same year round lift? I'd love to hear if any of you have created your own little havens inside or out. If you have, share a picture or a story below. Stay healthy and cozy!

Nancy :)