• Nancy

Before and After: Under the Sink Storage Makeover

According to Julie Morgenstern, author of "Organizing from the Inside Out" one of the reasons that many of us buy too much is the need for abundance. If we grew up in scarcity, or if we grew up with someone who did, we may have a tendency to hold on to things that don't serve us.

I think this element is at play for me with cosmetics and more specifically, tampons! Growing up, I lived in a rural area that was more than 100 kilometres away from what most people would consider a fully stocked pharmacy. There was a small pharmacy in town, but it didn't have all the things I wanted as a teenager; in particular, a specific brand of tampons. After organizing my cosmetics and toiletries, I realized I had enough tampons to last me about a year! They were everywhere; just in case I needed them. Despite the fact that now I live within a three minute drive of several large pharmacies.

I am striving towards my own version of rational minimalist living (more on that in another post). I think that toiletries and cosmetics will always be a tough spot for me. To combat my tendency to overbuy these type of things, I switched to clear storage under my sink. I found these great containers from IKEA. They allow me to see what I have, giving my brain the soothing balm it needs...see, you have enough!

After purging and sorting through my cosmetics and toiletries, I labeled the containers and gave everything a home; a home that I can see, each time I open the cupboard. Switching to transparent storage, especially for those things that you tend to overbuy, and giving each category a labeled home, is a solution that can save you time (no more searching for band-aids) and money by preventing over buying. I'd love to see your before and after pictures for under sink storage solutions! Please share any you have in the comment section. Happy organizing!