• Nancy

Adding SPACE to your life

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Julie Morgenstern is my definitive source for all things organizing. She created the SPACE method, which can be used to organize anything - from a desk drawer, to an entire house. Below is my own simplified interpretation of SPACE.

Let's use organizing a front entry closet as an example. The SPACE steps are:

S - SORT - empty all the items out into one area. Then sort them into categories. Organizing a closet, you might find: coats, shoes, hats, gloves, pet supplies etc. If I was organizing a front entry closet, I would also sub-sort by who owns the coats, gloves, etc. So for example, a pile of coats that are owned by you and each child.

P- PURGE - now that you can see what you have, it's time to edit. Is there anything in the piles that you don' use? Do you have multiples of items that you don't need? This is where you will begin to see the economic value of organizing. Being organized allows you to see at a glance what you own and if you maintain your new system, you can avoid buying things you don't need or want.

A and C - ASSIGN AND CONTAIN - this is where you give each item, or more importantly, each category, a home. Every category needs a home. For a front entry closet with kids especially, labelling the "homes" helps a lot. This is where you might need to go shopping for the right container to hold your items. But don't go shopping too soon - you might have what you need elsewhere in the house. If you have containers that don't work for your new system, you can likely repurpose them elsewhere.

E - EVALUATE - you will likely have to tweak your new system as you live with it for awhile. This is not a sign of failure at all! Be prepare to pivot a bit, as you live in real life, which is messy.

Things to think about as you SPACE out:

- Don't rush out and buy that new organizing gadget until you complete at SP part.

- Keep items as close as you can to the location that you will use them it.

- Look at how you are living now and try to have the system fit with your tendencies, not the other way around. If people in your home like to kick their shoes off when they come in the door, they are unlikely to start using a shoe rack. Maybe a basket or a cubby is better!

Happy SPACing :)