• Nancy

100 Things I Want to Do. With My Entire Life.

Not until I became a parent did I truly understand the saying "the days are long, but the years are short." And the older I get, the faster time seems to go.

Just this week I realized I don't need to buy, ever again. I thought when this day came I would celebrate like it was 1999, but as I walked past the baby section in Wal-Mart, I felt a tug of sadness. Trust me, not enough to make me completely sad about not buying diapers, but a tug just the same. The baby years are behind me. Where did they go? I blinked, through sleep deprived eyes and just like that, they're gone.

Now that I have more sleep (thank you god!) and the realization that we all have little time to spare, I have some brain capacity to think about how I want to spend these precious years. What do I want to spend my time doing? So as I love to do, I made (am making) an evolving list of 100 things I want to do with my life, which is something that Laura Vanderkam suggests in her book "I Know How She Does It", a book suggested by a friend and one I love.

I started keeping my list a few months ago and I have found it brings me into focus. I find myself thinking about if I've spent time lately working on "my list"? Or have I just been slogging through the everyday cycle of - work, parent, chores - repeat? It has been too easy for me to just slog through. I need to make sure I'm finding space for what brings me joy and purpose.

With a list as long as 100, some items on my list seem small, but they are things I dream about doing, like planting a rose garden or staring a book club. Sometimes I'm surprised by what I add to my list. Where did these goals come from? I didn't even know I wanted to travel to Paris on my own someday, but there it was, suddenly starring up at me from my list.

Creating a blog was on my list and so I just went for it, one brave and stormy night. My list is urging me on, to be bold,  just do it and stop thinking about it. It is always quietly encouraging me to take that leap. Now... I have to go and start a book club...