My Story

In 2007, I was reading our local newspaper and came across an article about the only professional organizer in Canada, who happened to be based in Halifax. I thought she had the best job in the country! I didn’t know how, but I knew that someday I wanted to do that too, so I cut out the article and pasted it in my scrapbook. 11 years later in 2018, I started my journey to becoming a trained professional organizer.

During those 11 years as my organizing dream was purculating, I would become a teacher, a government policy analyst and a mom. I’ve always been a fairly organized person, but it wasn’t until after I became a mother that I truly understood the value of organizing to the quality of our lives.

One late night, not long after my second baby was born in 2016, I pulled out my scrapbook. It contained mainly clippings of cozy, tidy spaces: home offices, reading nooks, playrooms, and welcoming family rooms and kitchens. I realized at that moment that I wasn’t as comfortable as I should be in my own home and that this needed to change! I was tired; tired of managing too much stuff and of not having a place to cocoon and recharge. I was craving coziness and order, and so I set out to make my scrapbook vision into a reality for our family.

After two years of  learning and applying the principles of minimalism, organizing theory, and Hygge to areas of our home and our lives, I can truly say I love to come home. The benefits of being organized are truly life changing. Now I want to help others create their own visions and organized realities through Eversort Organizing.

Other Stuff About Me…..

  • I'm a Trained Professional Organizer through Professional Organizers in Canada

  • I have some degrees, including a Bachelor of Elementary Education, a Bachelor of Business Administration, and a Masters of Public Administration

  • I have project management training and extensive project management experience

  • I have completed training through the “Coaching Out of the Box” program

  • Most of all, I am mom to Mila and Isaac, my littles, whom I love to the moon and back!