What services does Eversort Organizing offer?

Eversort Organizing offers virtual organizing services to anyone, anywhere in the world. I welcome any organizing challenge, but I especially. like working with families and educators. The Eversort process requires three virtual meetings, scheduled over a month. 

Virtual organizing is working with a professional organizer through either a computer or a phone, to develop strategies to organize either time or space. Eversort Organizing generally uses Zoom. for meetings, but we can also meet over the phone if that works better for the client.

Is virtual organizing for me?

Eversort Organizing clients:

*Have busy schedules and don't have large chunks of time to work with an on-site professional organizer

*Live outside an area serviced by on-site professional organizers

*Aren't comfortable with a professional organizer physically coming into their home, but are still seeking the services of an organizer

*Able and willing to do the physical work themselves or have a supportive team 

*Looking for a budget friendly way to acmes the services of a professional organizer

*Seeking organizing guidance in the areas of planning and maintenance

Virtual Organizing is NOT for people who:

*Are undergoing therapy for hoarding or

*Have extreme organizing challenges

These individuals will likely benefit more from working with an onsite organizer. 

How do I get started?

*How do I schedule a free 15 minutes assessment with Eversort Organizing?

Please email contact@eversortorganizing.com to schedule your free assessment. 

*How do I send payment for services and when?

If after the free 15 minutes assessment, you feel this service is a good fit for you, payment is due before I send you the first materials package. Payments can be sent via e-transfer to contact@eversortorganizing.com or via credit card through the services tab on this web site.